Friday, June 24, 2011

BlogHer planning!

Bought plane tickets! My man decided that he wants to go, since he's never been to San Diego. We're flying in midday Tuesday, going to the baseball game [Dodgers at Padres] that night, the Zoo Wednesday [probably], then Thursday through Sunday is probably time with BlogHer people, and fly home Monday night. Hurrah.

We'll be checking out some of the local brewpubs, of course. We've got a batch of homebrew going right now! It is in the secondary fermenter and we'll bottle it Saturday. Nut Brown Ale from Seven Bridges Organic Co-op in Santa Cruz, California.

We're not fans of either baseball team, but it will be very cool to take in another MLB park! Plus, you can get good seats for way less than at our home park. I found $70- VIP tickets on StubHub for $50-! ($63 with service fees...still!)



Briya said...

Yay! I'm coming down for the weekend! For me, it's only a couple hour drive, BUT. I just found out a friend will be coming down from Japan (and she is the reason I blog), so I'm kidnapping her and we're coming to Blogher!

I can't wait! Also, I need to find a time to go to Sea World, because I FREAKING LOVE SEA WORLD.

Colette said...

Ali, it was nice to meet you in San Diego. I hope you enjoyed Saturday a little more than Friday :-)

Jenny said...

I wish I could go to BlogHer... DAMN YOU FOR LEAVING ME BEHIND!! Hehe kidding :P