Friday, February 5, 2010

Sensitivity: I have it.

My fiance said the other day that I cry more than anyone he's ever known.

Well, compared to who? Am I crying more than I used to? (I didn't really get an answer on that, and if I am, that's something to look at in more detail.)

Also: DUH. Most people go to great lengths to avoid being seen crying.

It only makes sense that crying would be seen most often by loved ones, the precious few, the people you trust enough to be vulnerable in their presence.

Sure, I'm sensitive. Quite. I don't cry at Hallmark commercials, but movies, books, blog posts, even the occasional TV show. And, of course, Life.

I've left more comments than I can count, telling bloggers that they've made me teary or misty-eyed, and a few that I am full-on crying. You know what? I'm okay with that.
Like CecilyK's post about being thin-skinned, I think being caring and compassionate makes me a better person. So if I wet a few sleeves with my tears, well, Que Sera. My fiance can damn well get used to it. Heh.*

*To be fair, he's quite good at letting me cry on him--but it makes him sad to see me sad, and of course, he wants to fixit. Sometimes the tears just have to flow, though! As I like to remind him, there are chemicals in grief tears that aren't in onion-cutting tears.

So, I suppose I need to gaze at my navel some more, and try to figure out if I'm crying a lot for me. Wish me luck. ;p