Friday, February 5, 2010

Sensitivity: I have it.

My fiance said the other day that I cry more than anyone he's ever known.

Well, compared to who? Am I crying more than I used to? (I didn't really get an answer on that, and if I am, that's something to look at in more detail.)

Also: DUH. Most people go to great lengths to avoid being seen crying.

It only makes sense that crying would be seen most often by loved ones, the precious few, the people you trust enough to be vulnerable in their presence.

Sure, I'm sensitive. Quite. I don't cry at Hallmark commercials, but movies, books, blog posts, even the occasional TV show. And, of course, Life.

I've left more comments than I can count, telling bloggers that they've made me teary or misty-eyed, and a few that I am full-on crying. You know what? I'm okay with that.
Like CecilyK's post about being thin-skinned, I think being caring and compassionate makes me a better person. So if I wet a few sleeves with my tears, well, Que Sera. My fiance can damn well get used to it. Heh.*

*To be fair, he's quite good at letting me cry on him--but it makes him sad to see me sad, and of course, he wants to fixit. Sometimes the tears just have to flow, though! As I like to remind him, there are chemicals in grief tears that aren't in onion-cutting tears.

So, I suppose I need to gaze at my navel some more, and try to figure out if I'm crying a lot for me. Wish me luck. ;p


OHmommy said...

You wrote a post! It's so nice to actually get to know you. I too am super sensitive. But I feel it's much healthier than bottling it up. No?

VDog said...

...whatever will be, will be...

you go with your drop of the hat crying self. I believe 'sentimental' would be a good word to describe much of your crying.


Al_Pal said...

Thanks! I figured, I spend so much of my time with "you all", I'd like to say more than tweets allow. ;p
YES. So much healthier than bottling up. I might be a raging bitch rather than a sentimental sap if I were a bottler. :P

DUDE. Your comment made me cry again. For the fecking lulz. heh.

-A said...

Sensitive is good. I am very sensitive (haha, I'm sure you didn't figure that out about 5 seconds after following me!), but have felt comforted by some of the comments you've made to me, a virtual stranger. So thanks!

-A said...
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Kellee said...

Sensitive is never bad. And few people ever see me cry, and I DO cry at hallmark commercials and silly things like that. So, yes, you're absolutely right, people do tend to hide their tears.

Lynette said...

I say join the club. Nothing wrong at all with being sensitive. I have been known to cry at blog post or two. Also? It makes you who you are. Better you be sentimental/sensitive than a insensitive jerk.


Brahm said...

Dude.. crying is good, is honest human emotion. Myself being a tough macho man I of course don't show the emotions or anyting, but hey I think is a good thing!

Karyn said...

Your sensitivity and compassion for others is what makes you so amazing, not to mention a wonderful listener!

xo, Karyn

Sarah said...

Have you ever asked TheMister how much *I* cry? Seriously, FianceDood has no idea what a "lotta crying" is until he's hung out with me more. I, too, cry a lot. I know that, and I know that I'm overly sensitive ... I think it's even in my blog descriptions! LOL

Anonymous said...

being a registered pedigreed Cracka of the highest order of cracka-dom, the grand poobah even I had to comment even though I have no comment concerning the post.

Kelley said...

guys always need to 'fix it'. They will never get the whole crying in sisterhood or happiness or because there is no more chocolate.

Let him know that it is a good thing. chicks that don't cry tend to bottle it all up and do serious damage to mens nether regions.

And not in a good way.

Kristin said...

My opinion is that crying is good if you feel better afterward. Crying is bad if it makes you feel worse or depressed. I'm sure you know the difference.

I've noticed that, as much of a stupid cliche as it is, my hormones do affect how weepy I feel. Bah! But oh well, it's like Lynette said earlier- it's better to be sensitive than insensitive!

Also, YAY, a post!

Anonymous said...

Namaste, Thank you for the wonderful comment on my response to the queen of spain.
As for sensitivity, someone, i think Blake, said a long time ago, that "tears are the relief valve of your heart functioning" so my mom always told me "better to cry than to have your heart explode with grief..."
Peace be with you

Mommie Daze said...

Blog posts make me cry all the time. Then I feel silly, and have to hide it from my husband. I know he'd think I was crazy if I told him a blog made me cry.

melon. said...

sensitivity is normal. who doesn't have it? everyone does.

Overflowing Brain said...

You know what's funny? I NEVER cry in front of my husband. It's like a code. If I do cry, he knows it's serious business.

But I'm very sensitive. I cry a lot. Just never in front of people. I am not one of those people who looks cute when they cry. I'm an ugly crier through and through.

Jo said... can say that you cry more than anyone you've ever known only because you haven't actually met me yet. Sorry darling, I just might be stealing that crown. ;)

I know exactly what you mean though and also have a hubby that wants to fix it. My advice to you? Whilst sobbing away, just tell him that this is one of those times where fixing is not required. All he needs to do is hold you and give you tissues. My husband is very relieved when I spell it out for him. ;)

If you go to BlogHer, come find me. We can be all sniffly together. <3

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

I loved this post!! And I totally, totally agree. There are MUCH worse things than being too soft-hearted! I'm a crier, too--I'll tear up at totally dumb things. (Like for some reason, applause gets me every time. And I don't mean applause for me, I just mean ... sitting in an audience when people are applauding.)

Glad I found your blog. :)

Megan said...

I leave comments telling people their post made me cry all the time and half the time I figure they'll think I was exaggerating but I never am!

Chibi said...

Oh, I hear ya - I *do* cry at bloody Hallmark commercials! ;)

C hates to see me cry, too, and always wants to fix it, the poor bugger.