Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This cre8buzz thing is pretty spiffy

Wow, so many visits and comments already!
It is pretty intoxicating.

I'm torn between wanting to start a Burning Man community there, and recognizing that Burners are already deeply rooted at Thousands of people are there, with their oodles of friends and photos. A few people might venture over, for the fun of it, but I imagine that since tribe is the site of their Burner interactions, they may well want to focus on some other aspect of their lives here.

I rather like the idea of emphasizing my photography, since that is what I am working towards. They may want to focus on their art, or vehicle, or parenting.

In the meantime, I need to get myself over to visit VDog and Little Man, and maybe upload a few more photos at cre8buzz.
Who knows, maybe I can elevate my ranking. :P

1 comment:

VDog said...

Nice! 46 Ain't bad! You know, when I joined Moms I was at like 156 or something. Now I'm hovering +/- 20. Pretty sweet, huh?